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Monday, November 19, 2012

Yes, it's not even Thanksgiving and I already have 3 trees up.  Don't fret, there are 4 more to go and luckily I have plenty of time to get there.  
I know I should be talking Turkey, but I just.can' 
I love Christmas. 
I love the traditions, new and old.  I love the thought of snow.  I love the smell of Wassail.  I love seeing the presents under the tree.  I love the spirit of giving that falls on everyone.  I love the food, the lights, the movies, the shopping, the sneaking around playing Santa.  I even love visiting all the crazy family (although again, not this year due to RSV season!!).       
And over the past two years, especially as Anna Claire and Ava have gotten  older, I have loved teaching them the real meaning of Christmas.  
How it's not about Santa and all his reindeer (we still have that, but it's not our focus).  How it's not about the presents under the tree.  Why the reason I go stinkin' plum crazy purple decorating every year is not for them, but for Him.  It's the biggest.badest.birthday celebration ever.  Everyone who knows me knows I love to throw a party.  I want my girls to remember the amazing parties we've always had for them, but also to remember that in our home, Jesus always had the best party.     
One of our favorite traditions has become decorating our Jesus Tree.  It's actually the Tree of Jesse... so feel free to correct me....but in our home, it's the Jesus Tree.

It's a work in progress because I have not gone out and bought items to finish it.  I have wanted to be mindful of the symbols I place on this tree and the lessons that the girls will learn by them.  Ladies, you can still make it super cute!  Jesus was far from boring so I don't think our trees have to be bland!  I believe the traditional use of the Jesse tree is like an Advent Calendar, but the past few years we have simply decorated it one time and displayed it next to our Nativity.  This year, we will begin celebrating the season and celebrating the Advent in the "Belinized" use of our Jesus (Jesse) Tree.     
Here are a list of items and the appropriate scriptures in making your Jesus (Jesse) tree.  If you choose, you can use ornaments you have, make your own, find items around your home.  Be creative.  Several of ours are handmade.  This Making a Jesse Tree website also has free printable symbols should you desire to use printables instead of your own ornaments.  


(The symbols are only suggestions)

December 1
Creation: Gen. 1:1-31; 2:1-4
Symbols: sun, moon, stars, animals, earth

December 2
Adam and Eve: Gen. 2:7-9, 18-24
Symbols: tree, man, woman

December 3
Fall of Man: Gen. 3:1-7 and 23-24
Symbols: tree, serpent, apple with bite

December 4
Noah: Gen. 6:5-8, 13-22; 7:17, 23, 24; 8:1, 6-22
Symbols: ark, animals, dove, rainbow

December 5
Abraham: Gen. 12:1-3
Symbols: torch, sword, mountain

December 6
Isaac: Gen. 22:1-14
Symbols: bundle of wood, altar, ram in bush

December 7
Jacob: Gen. 25:1-34; 28:10-15
Symbols: kettle, ladder

December 8
Joseph: Gen. 25:1-34; 28:10-15
Symbols: bucket, well, silver coins, tunic

December 9
Moses: Ex. 2:1-10
Symbols: baby in basket, river and rushes

December 10
Samuel: 1 Sam. 3:1-18
Symbols: lamp, temple

December 11
Jesse: 1 Sam. 16:1-13
Symbols: crimson robe, shepherd's staff

December 12
David: 1 Sam. 17:12-51
Symbols: slingshot, 6-pointed star

December 13
Solomon: 1 Kings 3:5-14, 16-28
Symbols: scales of justice, temple, two babies and sword

December 14
Joseph: Matt. 1:18-25
Symbols: hammer, saw, chisel, angle

December 15
Mary: Matt. 1:18-25; Luke 1:26-38
Symbols: lily, crown of stars, pierced heart

December 16
John the Baptist: Mark 1:1-8
Symbols: shell with water, river

December 17
Jesus is Wisdom: Sirach (or Ecclesiasticus in old Bibles) 24:2; Wisdom 8:1
Symbols: oil lamp, open book

December 18
Jesus is Lord: Ex. 3:2; 20:1
Symbols: burning bush, stone tablets

December 19
Jesus is Flower of Jesse: Isaiah 11:1-3
Symbols: flower, plant with flower

December 20
Jesus is Key of David: Isaiah 22:22
Symbols: key, broken chains

December 21
Jesus is the Radiant Dawn: Psalm 19:6-7 (in older Bibles this will be Psalm 18)
Symbols: sun rising or high in sky

December 22
Jesus is King of the Gentiles: Psalm 2:7-8; Ephesians 2:14-20
Symbols: crown, scepter

December 23
Jesus is Emmanuel: Isaiah 7:14; 33:22
Symbols: tablets of stone, chalice and host

December 24
Jesus is Light of the World: John 1:1-14
Symbols: candle, flame, sun



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  1. My husband and I celebrate Advent with a Jesse Tree. I make felt sets of Jesse Tree ornaments for families to be able to celebrate in their homes. I think it is a fantastic teaching tool useful for instilling God's truths in children.


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