Thankful for Progress

Friday, November 23, 2012

We're slooooooowly moving on up. 

Today I'm so thankful for progress, especially the kind that comes out of nowhere. 

Simply just TOLERATING food in her mouth is HUGE.

And then the fact that she's initiating the chew reflex and swallowing.....


These were just added to Alli's menu and she successfully consumed 2 of these bad boys!!  Granted they have to be cut up in four smaller pieces, but for the most part, she's tolerated these the best of all.  They say sensory kiddos love crunchy food, so I knew this would be a crowd pleaser once she could get past the idea of having something in her mouth.  

The progress is simply blowing me away.  For real, we're not even close to mastering baby food (taking about only 10 bites a sitting-and putting up a fight for those 10).  It's fitting this progress comes as she's about to have surgery.  Surgery that will seal a setback. 

Such is.

But we still couldn't be happier with the now.  So proud of you, Alli girl!

She didn't participate in all the Thanksgiving Day goodness, but at this pace, next year might not be too far-fetched! 



  1. Congrats Alli! We were just on the local news for Owen being able to eat a little food this thanksgiving. What I appreciated about it most is that the station understood how newsworthy small steps are for these micropreemies. That's a hard thing to get across to the rest of the world sometimes, that's why we moms have to keep shouting it from the rooftops.

    1. Thanks Tatum! Simply incredible that your local news saw "how newsworthy" a feat this is! It is a terribly hard thing to get across to people, especially since it makes 0 sense to "why she just can't eat." Keep your shouts loud! You're doing an amazing job educating!!


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