Picture of Health

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

This is a picture of health. 

And this.....

But this......
This is not a picture of health. 

This is a baby who is very much still fighting, still battling Chronic Lung Disease and Pulmonary  Hypertension, everyday.  A baby who requires heart medicine, blood pressure medicine, asthma medication, a diuretic, and breathing treatments daily just to look like this picture of health. 
I know her looks may be deceiving, but don't let that cuteness fool you or the cuteness from any other babies similar to Alli. 
Are they better than where they started??
Of course.

For Alli, she's certainly better off than she should be....Thanks to God.   
But in no way would I say Alli is healthy. 
And after yesterday's lung appointment, neither would her pulmonologist or  cardiologist. 
Yesterday, I was reminded that what's hiding underneath all that cuteness are some pretty crappy looking lungs and a heart that has to work too hard at times.  So while Alli looks healthy from the outside.  Inside she is not.  Inside she is still sick.
Getting better, but still sick. 
One of these days, Alli's cuteness won't lie.  But for now, it does.   




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