Monday, November 26, 2012

Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. 

I have so much respect for parents who have to continuously make the decision whether or not to send their child back into surgery over and over and over.  A tremendous amount.  I know far too many who have had to make that "gray area" choice over and over for surgery.  It's heartbreaking.  It's nerve wracking. 

We've only had to do it twice and all I can say is, it sucks. 

It's never an easy decision for ANY parent.  Trust me when I say, I was bawling my eyes out when our oldest, Anna Claire, was taken back to have tubes put in her ears. By the time I had turned around with my coffee, she was out of surgery.  For real.   

When I say we've lost sleep over Alli having surgery, I mean like many, many hours.  We haven't taken this decision lightly at.all. 

Neither have any of Alli's doctors.  While all admit it's needed, all admit there's still an unknown. And those unknowns rekindle our fears.    

While we don't dispute she's in a great place health wise, we still go back to this picture.....When at 6 months old, after everything we had already been through with her, a simple procedure of having a g-tube placed turned into 4 days of living hell.  

We are very excited, blessed, and encouraged that Alli will be admitted to the hospital, most likely a PICU visit.  No parent wants their child to have surgery or be in the PICU, but in a situation like this, we know it's exactly what she needs.

So here's to an UNEVENTFUL next few days and weeks of healing and recovery and maybe if we've played our cards right, NO more sleep apnea, continued and faster pulmonary healing, and a better chew and swallow ability for Alli! 

We covet any prayers for a successful surgery, supernatural healing, and pain control over the next few weeks! 


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  1. NO MORE SLEEP APNEA is right! Thank God! I can feel how you have pondered over the "right" decision...but I too think this is it! I pray for a totally uneventful stay in the PICU and much quieter and restful sleeping at night (for all of you ;) xo xo


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