Faces of Prematurity~Prematurity Awareness Month

Friday, November 2, 2012

I break away from today's Faces of Prematurity post to bring you something extremely close to my heart.

Prematurity Awareness.

Before Alli, prematurity was just a word. I knew a few people who had experienced a premature birth, but I never knew what having a premature baby was really about. I never experienced it first hand nor did I have a front row seat as a close friend or family member experienced the journey.

Before Alli, I thought premature babies were just "little babies" waiting to grow until they could be taken home by their parents where they would all live happily ever after. I never knew or understood the fight for life these miracles face every.single.day.

And before Alli, I didn't understand the road after the NICU. I didn't understand the ramifications that come long down the road from such an early birth. The delays, the feeding issues, the sensory issues, the loss of hearing and vision, the potential for Cerebral Palsy....
Just to name a few.....
But 22 months ago, I began my education in prematurity. Trust me when I say….
Now I know.
And I want, no I need, you to know too.
For we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard.
~Acts 4:20
I know I'm supposed to keep the miracle of Alli alive, I know that. But I also know, this platform was given to me so that I might spread the knowledge.
So that you might know.
So that you might help.

So that change can come.
For our children. For our grandchildren.
We have to.
Are you aware??  Because if you’re not….
You should be.

In the United States alone 12.8 percent (more than half a million babies a year) are born prematurely.

That is one in eight babies...
1 in 8 babies fighting to just stay alive.

Today alone more than 1,400 babies (in the United States) will be born prematurely.

Many will be too small and too sick to go home.


We choose to fight because they fight every day and don't have that choice.

We fight because every baby deserves at least 39 weeks.

We fight because all babies are entitled to a healthy start.

We fight because no one should have to start parenthood drenched in fear, wonder, and terror.

We fight because no parent should have to question or make the decision on whether support should be held or stopped.

We fight because premature babies face life threatening conditions that NO baby should have to face.
They fight every day...just to breathe.

We fight because we believe in miracles, and the power of coming together to spread awareness.

We want to give hope to every baby and every family.

We fight because they can't.

We fight because babies shouldn't have to.
Will you please fight with us?? 

       Faces of Prematurity 

Thank you Peek-A-Boo ICU for the beautiful video and statistics! 


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