Casting for AFO's

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I may or may not have mentioned, but months ago, it was suggested Alli would need AFO’s (ankle-foot orthotics) or leg braces.  Her therapist and doctors requested us try Alli in those big hard bottom white shoes.  While they worked some, ultimately she needs more.  She needs more stability to help with her balance and toe walking.    

So today, we began a new journey.  A journey that will lead us to Alli walking, faster.  

Step one:  Casting for AFO’s 

Since I was alone, I only have pictures of the final casting product.  But I was SO stinkin’ proud of our Alli girl.  I wish it had been videoed or photographed the whole way through because it was simply ah-mazing.    It hurt my heart and my nerves to think about what it would be like for her.  Her sensory issues have become so severe that I just could imagine how the casting process would go down. 

While she wasn’t 100% excited about the ordeal, the minute I broke out in song with “If you’re happy and you know it,” or “The Wheels on the Bus,” she began clapping and smiling uncontrollably.  Bless her. 

First, Mr. Bill slid this thin sock over Alli’s feet and legs where the fiber glass would go over.  Then, a yellow plastic strip went over the "sock" and the fiber glass was wrapped around her leg and feet all while trying to keep Alli’s feet at a 90 degree angle with her leg. I’ve never had to have a cast or seen a cast put on, but if you have you can get the picture.

It took just a few minutes of rubbing and holding her foot in place in order to get a good cast.  When it was all done Mr. Bill cut through the material using the yellow plastic strip as a guide to protect him from cutting Alli (pretty clever).  He then completed the other foot and leg this same way and we were done. 

 Alli's casts.  AFO's arriving in 3 weeks.

To say I’ve been excited about this new chapter would be a lie.  No parent wants all this extra stuff.  Extra stuff that’s just a constant reminder that everything is different.  It’s all superficial really and I admit that.  It’s only for a season and it’s the best thing for Alli.  At the end of the day, that’s the most important thing.
Our first set of AFO’s should be here in 3 weeks.  I was happy to learn I could design them myself.  Like for real y’all, it’s the little things, but this did excite me.  Pink straps, pink Velcro, and some leopard print.  Lil’ sister’s AFO’s are going to be the cutest.things.ever.  And don’t kid yourself….
I might even bedazzle them. 
Fancy seems to make everything better.   


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  1. cant wait to see the afo's all dressed up :)


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