22 months actual/19 adjusted

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

So many emotions are beginning to stir as we march closer and closer to Alli's 2nd Birthday. It's incredible to think how far she has come, really.  


There's something about the age of 2 that has me frightened.  Maybe because there's the whole Preemie Wives tale that preemies miraculously catch up by 2…. 

That on the night before their 2nd Birthday, ”poof” 

All is right with the world….. 

I know, I know, completely ridiculous… 

Especially for Alli and far too many others out there.just.like.her.  It’s totally unrealistic, I know, but it’s still there. 

And it’s a completely irrational, but valid feeling wrapped into one.   

Yesterday, Alli turned 22 months.  2 months away from being 2.  I’m overwhelmed with our little warrior.  This last month, actually this last week, has been huge for Alli.  She’s becoming more and more mobile. More confident in walking using a push toy (with a sack of flour added for extra weight).  And just two days ago, she chewed AND swallowed for the first time several freeze-dried fruits and yogurt melts. 

Alli’s weight has stayed status quo at 22 lbs.  I honestly have no idea, but doctors are not “too concerned” just yet.  Her length, on the other hand, is downright outrageous!  She’s so tall (well, Alli tall), but she still barely fits into 12 month clothing.

Next week, we go for surgery.  We’re still not 100% certain although we are leaning towards it heavily.  We ask that you pray with us for peace and of course an uneventful surgery and recovery.  Our biggest fear, along with her doctors, is that Alli hasn’t been truly tested with the stress and pain that can come from a procedure like this….not since her last surgery (July 2011).  It’s anyone’s guess how she’ll react.  But with our experience from her last surgery (she coded) we’re rather reluctant to sign up.  

Decisions are never easy.  What’s best for your child might not be what’s best for mine and vice versa.  But if you have any experience/input for babies under 2 with severe chronic lung disease and a history of stress and pain induced bronchospasms, PLEASE share your thoughts! 



  1. Ah, I just wrote about Jack reaching 2 years...it took me three months to actually write the post though. Something about that 2 year mark that doesn't live up to to the myth! But, we're okay with that and I hope you will be too. I actually started thinking about how the "catching up by 2" may be more for my catching up to my old self than for Jack. Still haven't written that post yet...

    1. Oh Heather! I'll have to read it. I have been so behind on reading the blogs I follow! I agree, they must mean it's "us" who catch up by 2. Although, I'm certain I'm still behind that even.

  2. I have come to the conclusion that the "catching up by two" phrase was coined way back in the day, when micro preemies simply didn't survive. The phrase should honestly be removed from the table when discussing our kids. It gives parents a false sense of expectations, or even worse, it makes us feel, and by us, I mean me, lousy when our kids don't catch up magically by two. I now try to not think of my boys in those terms anymore. They are almost three and one guy is just learning to walk. We are so excited by all of their growth and hard won achievements. I am trying hard not to let the world steal my joy.

  3. I love the idea of the bag of flour! I'll have to remember it!


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