Where in the HECK did my baby go??

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Last weekend, we celebrated our first baby girl's 6th BIRTHDAY! 

Holy heartache Batman, how did we get here??

Honestly, where have the last 6 years gone????  I could get all sappy, but I won't.  That will just put me in a bad mood all day.  The fact is, kids grow up....


This year, Anna Claire requested a slumber party with her closest girlfriends, rather than her typical blowout.  I was extremely willing to oblige since time is extremely hard to find these days....despite the fact these days we're home more than we're not. 

The girls were complete party animals staying up until 3 am (made me fear their freshman year of college).  I must say, they are simply the sweetest girls ever though.  Each girl is so lucky to have such sweet girlfriends in their lives.  It will be an utter joy and honor to watch them grow up together. 

Looking forward to many more sleepovers to come.....I just have to recoup from this one first. 

Theme: Slumber Party centered around Anna Claire's favorite things....the colors pink, purple, and aqua marine, feather boas, Fruit Loops, Candy, Nail Polish, Crafts, cupcakes, and lots and lots of candy! 

Don't worry....I'm not starting them young.  This game is actually "Nail Polish Spin the Bottle."  Super cute game that leads to crazy colored toes!

Nail Polish remover, pink nail polish, and bubble gum favors

Anna Claire requested the girls paint and bling out their pumpkins

My Wild Child.  Seriously, I lose sleep at night over this one. 

My Birthday girl! 

Probably one of the sweetest things, ever.  I was bringing each girl their dinner and I walked in from the kitchen to find each head bowed and AC praying.  Priceless



One of my favorite memories growing up was when my parents would take our mattress into the leaving room.  I have no idea why, but I always loved it.....it's now one of Anna Claire's favorite things.  In fact, we did it almost every weekend through the summer. 

The morning after.....actually just hours after. 

Birthday morning

New bike

Beginning our day at Dollywood with silly faces. 

Hallelujah!!!  We need more cheap stuffed animals!!!

I LOVE Ava's face.....opening her mouth like the fishies she was trying to catch



Back home getting to try out that new bike! 

Letting 6 balloons fly to the Heaven's in honor of our precious big girl!

Peanut, we love you to the Heavens and back times infinity. 

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