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Sunday, October 7, 2012

The past 3 weeks have been coo-coo for cocoa puffs. We've had one birthday celebration after another and have been on the go here, there, and everywhere more than this "homebody" would like.  Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed every second, but I'm actually looking forward to RSV season so we can rein things in a bit.  Here's a photo dump of the last 3 weeks. 

Cupcakes at School

Mastering the Monkey Bars

Lazy Saturdays

Sensory Play

A "Happy" from Mama....."Love Beyond the Moon and Stars" Necklace


ABM Partners

First Haircuts

Daddy love

A "Happy" from Mama....."Love Beyond the Moon and Stars" Necklace just like Sissie's

Celebrating birthday's with friends......and four wheelers

A glimpse into our future

Dollywood with sweet friends....Anna Claire and Maya

Twins born 3 years apart

Sweet preemie miracle cuteness, Brody, Maya's brother

She thinks we're going down the Honey Boo Boo path......she's WRONG! 

Another glimpse of our future....YIKES!

Who has sensory issues??

Between the grass and Belle we're bound to conquer them.

Puppy love. 

My gardener

Yep, that's a miracle right there.  The child wouldn't come CLOSE to doing this at the beginning of summer.

The farmer

Planting our Sycamore tree

Determined to water our tree

Makes my heart happy

My heart

More birthday celebrations for sweet friends

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