Monday Memories

Monday, October 29, 2012

As the “memory keeper” in my family I am constantly doing my darn best to record every.single.moment in the life of our little family.  Whether it be the BIG milestones or little moments, I document through personal journaling, pictures, and this blog.  I admit I've done a poor job blogging; but, if you could see the files on my hard drive, you would know I've done my darn best recording those moments, through the camera.    

My girls get exhausted with me sometimes, but I know just how fast time flies.

They don't. 

So, I'll gladly take their huffs and puffs when I break out the camera.....

You know why?? 

They'll thank me when they're 20. 

It's so become my mantra that Anna Claire now repeats....
"We know, we know.....we'll thank you when we're 20!"  Followed with a BIG.Long.SIGH.

Several weeks ago I decided to devote certain days to certain topics.  I had set aside Thursday as my "memory day".....but Monday Memories makes soooooooo much more sense. 

So I'll leave you with one of my favorite little memories from this weekend and a quick thought (actually my New Years Resolution in October if you will).....


While you're out there documenting every.single.moment in your families lives.......

Make sure you tell your husband or whomever to grab the camera every now and again......

And get some pictures with YOU included in them (no matter how you look)....

Trust me, you and your sweet babies will be thankful when they are 20.

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