Memories Thursday: Holy Hernia

Thursday, October 11, 2012

As we shift into RSV season (post on that coming soon), with more and more posts from this mama, I've decided to make an agenda for my blog posts.

I now deem Thursday, "Memories Thursday."

These memories are ones that have greatly impacted our family and our lives. They might be memories from 10 years ago, ones made just yesterday, or from our NICU battle. Memories I wish to document and save for my girls forever. Right here. For the first few Thursday's, I'll document some NICU related memories.

So without further ado......I bring you the first Memories Thursday.

Holy Hernia

Alli's hernia caused quite a stir. While I don't have a picture of it at it's largest(yes, it was inexplicitly muuuuuuch larger), I was able to snap one on its way down. It's simply amazing what these little bodies go through.

An umbilical hernia is an outward bulging of the abdominal lining or part of the abdominal organ(s) through the area around the belly button. It occurs in infants and extremely premature babies when the muscles through which blood vessels pass to feed the developing fetus don't close completely.

SIDENOTE: It's now gone! She has a slight outie, but other than that, a perfect and beautiful belly button now adorns her belly. Every doctor but one said she would require surgery. That one doctor was correct and it resolved on its own.

However, she did require bilateral inguinal hernia surgery.

I won't show you a picture of those puppies.
You're welcome.

Alli in April 2011 weighing 3 lbs...Hernia and all




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