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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

So here it is y'all.  The numbers I've been waiting to see for a few months.  I've known the numbers all along, but it feels good to see them on paper....even when they're not exactly where I'd like them to be, it proves we are getting somewhere.  It feels like something tangible and we can now march forward to conquer more and more goals and milestones.  Of the most concern are walking and eating.  We really need a breakthrough in those areas, most especially eating.    

A PLUS in my book was today I didn't cry when receiving this news.  It always helps when you know where your child is, but there are times where even when you know what's about to be said, it still hurts to hear.  It's your baby and as a Mother, we want an immediate fix.  

Alli's annual Developmental Assessment results are as follows:
She is 20+ months actual and 17+ months adjusted

Gross Motor: 11 months
Fine Motor: 10 months
Communication/Language: 11 months
Cognitive: 13 months
Social/Emotional: 13 months
Adaptive (self-help): 8 months (mainly so low since she's not yet eating)

They say preemies catch up by two, but someone forgot to tell Lil' Miss that theory. 

For the record, I file that along with ANOTHER preemie wives tale.....the whole discharge by due date??  We were 4 months late to that party!   

And since I love this picture so much.....thought I'd share those sweet cheeks!

Sleeping baby pictures are the best


  1. Allie is perfect no matter what the numbers say ♥

    1. We believe so as well! Thank you, April!


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