The Sleepless Sleep Study

Monday, September 24, 2012

Whew! What an event. I was warned countless times about the "fun" and sleepless night we would have. It was so awful to watch my baby so miserable and fighting her entire way through getting the "mummy wrap." One would think, that in this modern age, we could come up with a less barbaric way to do these types of things. 

Alli was her normal spit-fire self, sending 3 grown adults into massive sweating and panting during the 45 minute hook-up and wrap job  (2 of which do this on a daily basis and professed they weren't sure they'd ever had someone so small fight them so hard).   They began by placing electrodes under her chin, around the sides of her face, several on her forehead, and probably 10 on her head.   That alone had this sweet baby girl flailing, wailing, turning all shades of blue (I had my ambu-bag ready, don't worry), and smacking anyone that appeared to be coming close to her face.  The tears and snot were enough to easily flow into the Tennessee River.  They then went from her neck on down, front and back,  adding electrodes as quickly as they could.  Lastly, a pulse ox (we're use to that one) was slapped o n her big toe and we were finished.  The minute the tech said, "Ok, Mom you can get her out," I grabbed that sweet baby up and she was instantly asleep in my arms.  This sensory stuff and facial defensiveness can wear a girl down. 
This was actually the morning after since I didn't get a good "mummy face" picture the night before.  Plum pitiful. 

You can see from all the wires at the left side of the picture how much she was hooked up. 

Alli actually slept like a princess.  She tried to wake up a few times, but was easily soothed back to sleep with a pat on the booty.  She didn't require oxygen all night.  We knew that she wouldn't.  It's during the day, when she's been playing, had an intense therapy session, or just plain pooped that she requires an extra bit of O2.  My guess would be she passed with flying colors.  Although I was praying she wouldn't, having now been through a sleep study, I'm not sure I could do another one.    Going forward, I just need to figure out another way to help the doctors combat insurance.  I can't imagine going through this cold and flu season without back-up. 

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