Thursday, September 6, 2012

The other day, I was emailed by a mother on bed rest. She was experiencing many of the same things that sent my pregnancy with Alli into a downward spiral. Low fluid, no fluid, small placenta, lakes, absent end diastolic flow, severe intrauterine growth restriction, high blood pressure. And on and on and on.

She asked for a NICU wrap up and then how she is today. Although she never said it, part of me felt  she was leaning towards siding with the doctors and terminating the pregnancy.  I went on to explain our NICU battle (I have since deleted the word NICU roller coaster and journey from my's a battle, plain and simple). I ended my "brief" synopsis with where Alli is today....

“Today, Alli is almost 20 months. She doesn't walk, she doesn't talk (only babbles a few sounds), she doesn't eat (99% g-tube dependent), has severe sensory issues, and has severe delays in fine and gross motor, communication, and speech. We still don't know yet what the future holds for Alli, but considering where we have been, she's doing amazing! Yes, I said AMAZING!  Alli doesn't know any different and she truly is the happiest baby I’ve EVER seen.  It's been a LONG road. We're still on a long road. Prematurity sucks, the effects are life altering, and for many, lifelong challenges and health issues are fought.  But I promise you, it has been more than worth it all.  I'm a better wife, mother, daughter, and friend than I was two years ago.  Hands down. 

I know that all of this sounds horrible and less than ideal. In a perfect world, we'd never face this type of tomorrow.  I too remember being on bed rest and reading about these precious miracles battles, their journeys, and then thinking, "I can't possibly do that," or "I can't possibly be that kind of mother, especially with two older typical children."  But, at the end of the day, you can and there's not a doubt in my mind that I would have done it any other way.   I would do it again in a heartbeat."

Afterall, I can't imagine going through this life without this ray of sunshine!!



  1. Ok 1st, I think that what you told her was right on. The hard... and then the wonderful. And 2nd, your blog is looking so, so good! Love the design and everything!

  2. Thank you. I was trying to gently share not scare. ;-) I'm so techie, but trying!


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