Dance in the Rain

Monday, September 3, 2012

Boy, did we ever need a day like Sunday. 
It was a lazy, pajama wearing day until the rain came....Another big need.  Ava hesitated none when I asked, "do you want to play in the rain??"  I can always see my personality come out in Anna Claire when spontaneity strikes (spontaneous, I am not).  She quickly heeds the challenge and begins "planning" how to make the perfect dancing in the rain moments.  Meanwhile, Ava hasn't missed a beat bouncing, jumping, singing, and spinning in the rain.  It made me much have I missed by planning my life out, instead of just letting it happen??
Let me just say, I love plans.  I really, really love plans.  Plans keep me sane.  The last two years have taught me to relinquish that hold on plans a great deal, because at the end of the day plans are just that.....plans.  And obviously the best of plans can change or fail.  I have actually enjoyed the loosening of all that structure and the death of my OCD, but I've also welcomed it back with open arms over the summer. 
As a parent and business owner, structure and plans are a necessity.  But then, there are times when putting everything down and dancing in  the rain is a necessity.  It certainly recharged these batteries....Food for my soul.
Here's to hoping you enjoy this day and all the little things, all the spontaneous moments in life.
Happy Labor Day!

Anna Claire's "umbrella" she made (we actually DO have umbrellas....she just chose to make her own)



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