19 months

Monday, August 20, 2012

Yesterday, we celebrated 19 months of LIFE with our sweet miracle!  19 months!!  Can I just say, looking at this picture makes me cry??  It's amazing how a single smile can wipe away so much pain and so many horrific memories. 

Seriously, who would have thought that this 14 ounce mighty mite....

Would be here today??

Alli's current stats:
19 months, 16 corrected (collectively she's still in that 9-12 month old category)

She's plateaued at 23 lbs and is almost 30 inches long.  I'm not sure what's really going on there, but she's remained on "her growth curve" so I'm not going to worry about weight at this point.  I will say, the kiddo is getting SO long!  That's HUGE news as far as her lung maturation goes!

Our girl is still crawling and is now up to lightning speed.  In case you missed it, she also just took her first steps with a walking toy!  Amazing wonderful day!  She has since, not shown much interest and in true Alli form, tried to fool her physical therapist today in thinking that she couldn't use the walker.  

She remains on a fine motor skill strike. Please continue to pray we find new and exciting ways to engage her in this area. If we can get her to walk, I'm hoping she'll transfer that energy back to the fine motor department.     

Her language has increased this last month with connections of more vowel sounds and consonants.  I have yet to hear a Mama again.  I swear John has bribed her.  We are having attention span issues, (welcome to the norm of a toddler, right??) so following even one step commands and instructions is more than difficult.  She is signing two words, eat and more.   I think since she knows how to sign eat, she should be able to eat.  She doesn't see it that way though. 

Alli's sensory issues remain a contributing factor, we think, in why she will not eat.  We've weaned her continuous nightly feedings significantly over the last month in "hopes" that she will begin to know hunger.  She's surprisingly tolerated it well considering she's extremely fluid sensitive.  With that fluid sensitivity, the weaning aspect is such a process.  I wish it were "that easy" to just take what we feed her at night and disperse it throughout the day, but sadly it's not.  The good news is that she responded to a 100cc decrease at night and in turn increase to the day quite nice.  We've never weaned that fast before and probably will proceed with a little more caution as we march forward.  I had ants in my pants last month! 

I'm finding it easier, for the moment that is, to celebrate all the little milestones instead of thinking about what she should be doing.  I know that seems easy for me to do now that she's so close to walking.  That fact is true.  There comes so much relief when we reach these certain milestones that we feel like we can actually breathe for a good second.  The fact that she is even here should be enough to satisfy all day everyday.  I have to remind myself over and over again, that for months we just prayed for LIFE.  Whatever that life was like we'd take it, but we just wanted LIFE

We were blessed with so much more. 

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