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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The girls are all growing too fast and I just want to slow down; slow down to take it all in.  I want to take extra care to take in the little things.  The special and unique things that make up who each one of my girls is.  All of it.  And I want to remember it forever.    

Even the bad.
There's going to be a day where I miss it all. I might sound slightly coo-coo, but I'll miss the tantrums, the cries, the fights, the attitudes.

I'll also desperately miss the sweet sayings (heck, I already do), their little quirks, the way they can't conjugate a verb (and why should they yet?), or the way they pronounce certain words.  Can I just say I'm proud I've never corrected them??  No judgement here, but I've never seen the point.  They will in their own time.  And we'll miss it.    

I want to remember forever that she says...

I actually saw a similar idea on Pinterest sometime back.  Do you remember pictures with writing on the back??  One of my favorite things to do growing up was to sit in my grandmother's floor looking through album after album of old photos.  All had dates, all had locations, all had names, and all had something written on the back that separated that particular time from another.  She was SO good at documenting everyday life. 

Same idea, right??  Yes, and a GREAT one! 

Oh how I wish I had had this epiphany when Anna Claire was beginning to talk!  Such a great way to document their little faces, words, and sayings at a particular time in their little lives. 

My New Year's Resolution starts, now! 

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