Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Anyone who knows me knows  I love to look at pictures.  I LOVE to take pictures.  End of story.  I don't claim to be good, I leave that to the professionals like my sweet friend Lynn, but I do love taking them.  It drives Anna Claire CRAZY, but someday I'm pretty sure she'll thank me. 

Here's a rare chance to get a shot of all the grandparents and our girls.  This is so neat to me.  I'm racking my brain to remember if we ever did this growing up and I'm pretty sure we didn't.  I might have a picture of both of my grandmother's and myself, but I don't have one with the whole crew.  This is a "framer" for sure.


  1. This is great! It's nice that you include all. :)

  2. We're blessed with a great crew!! Glad they all like each other too! It helps when everyone lives so far away! ;-)


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