Defining Moments

Friday, July 13, 2012

Yep, I've had a few.  And probably more than my fair share over the last 20 months.  Sorry about that....I'll try to not be so stingy from here on out. 

The next few days are the anniversary of the most pivotal and defining moments of my life.  One year ago today, we were preparing once again for battle, but not realizing yet how tough that battle would be.  After 6 months in the NICU, one would think it should have been all down hill. 

For those playing catch up, Alli basically died one year ago tomorrow.  After a surgery we had long fought surprisingly went so well, we thought we were finally on the path to getting her home.  Those moments of shear elation and sighs of relief were quickly struck down when she coded for the 12 longest minutes of my life.  It was horrific.  It was the single.worst.event.of my life.  Much worse than her early birth.  Much worse than seeing a 14 ounce baby.  Much worse than any and all of the horribly challenging moments from her first days, weeks, and months of life.  My stomach turns when those visions come in my head.  Simply, there are no words to adequately describe that night.   

So why talk about it and relive it??  Trust me, I'd rather not, but I have to because this defining moment was also such a huge defining moment for so many others.  In a day where we all can be beaten down by daily life, I don't want to forgot.  And I don't want others to forget that it is possible to storm the gates of Heaven and get what you want.  There is great power in the name of Jesus and prayer. 

It was said by a very dear friend (who I hope doesn't mind this statement being used) that she was, "convinced that act of desperation on your part was the moment Heaven issued the order for healing. And because the church needed the object lesson of understanding the power of corporate prayer, Alli might not have turned the corner until that day, but I think from Heaven’s perspective it was when a young mother cared not about her public reputation or outward appearances and turned in desperation to the LORD.

 I LOVE people that walk it and who are real.  People who are not scared to pray bold.  I've long said, "Pray bold or go home."  And I believe it.  For our church family and prayer warriors all over, John and I just want to thank you!!  There are no words to adequately thank you for investing your prayers in us.  But regardless, we thank you for boldly praying and believing for life for Alli, from the beginning and in that defining moment one year ago, this very weekend. 

One very sick, 6 month old baby girl the day after back on life support

The Divine Providence of God in our lives today

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