18 months

Thursday, July 19, 2012

For real, y'all!  Can you believe it??  I certainly can't.  What an 18 months we've witnessed.  Quick note, Ava was 18 months when Alli was born!!!  Call me crazy, but that sort of sends chills down my spine for some reason. 

Here's my Ava, days after Alli was born.  She's singing "Read your Bible every day and you'll grow, grow, GROW!!"  Amazing how we've all grown over the last 18 months.

Here's Alli around the same time.  It's so hard to believe that this little thing (probably around 11 or 12 ounces due to weightloss in the beginning), just a little bit longer than and as big around as that bulb syringe.....

Is now this, 23 lb mighty mite!  

and that she is constantly practicing her dancing dog yoga stance like this! 

Sorry for the blurry instagram pictures She's sooooooo on the move, so getting any good shots are few and far between.  I'll take it though!  There were always the questions once she came off life support if we'd ever get her to crawl, walk, eat, talk, and on and on.  These are HUGE and exciting times in our home.  

Alli's current stats:

18 months, 15 corrected (collectively she's still more like a 9-12 month old)

She's crawling, more like frog hopping, pulling up to stand (although slowly and not completely successful at all times), and has been cruising a few steps around the coffee table.  I just have to stop and say, "WOW!" 

She's still on a fine motor strike.  Please pray we find new and exciting ways to engage her in this area.  Strikes are not fun, but they say it comes with the territory.  She's in such a gross motor phase and zone her body and mind won't allow her to go any where else. 

Her language has increased this last month with a few "na-na-na's," and "ma-ma-ma's!!"  She is also throwing around "a-digga-digga-digga," which obviously translates to, "I dig her," meaning ME, her Mama!!  :)

In the feeding department, well I just can't go there.  It's awful.  We're now at the point where we're dealing with two things: 

1)  She can't eat because her lack of oral motor skills, severe oral aversions, and  severe oral defensiveness inhibit her from actually eating and,
2) We're almost dealing with that 2 year old defiant mind.  

I get the nonverbal, "I don't want to," attitude now along with the can't aspect caused from her defensiveness and aversions.  That combo almost.sends.me.over.the.edge.  Oh how I wish there were a magic pill for this one!  I've been blessed with so many wonderful friends who have reached out with their prayers, LOVE, words of encouragment, and prayers, especially my preemie mamas.  Literally y'all, those keep me going.  Promise.  It's been an especially tough week in the feeding department and while I certainly didn't have a pity party, I was close!  Y'all snapped me out of it and I thank you!  But it's been tough.  It IS  tough.  Oh.so.tough.  I told a fellow preemie mama while her son was still in the NICU that, "Once you get passed life and death, the feeding issues are by far the worse challenge."  It was her turn to remind me of that this week. 

I would also LOVE to ask that unless you have  been in the shoes of someone dealing with this OR are educated in helping others dealing with this, PLEASE don't throw out advice and PLEASE don't try to tell me she'll eat when she's ready.  Sadly, it's not that simple.  TRUST ME, no one wants the baby to eat more than I do.  Just like the last 18 months, it's a process.  I am thankful for this process because she's here, but it still sucks.  I pray that didn't come off hateful!!  :)

She's still doing very well off daytime oxygen.  We have an echo next week to check her heart.  It's the first one since she's been off daytime O2 so I'm excited and extremely nervous to see what her heart looks like.  I feel like it will be good since she's maintaining her saturations so well, but if there's one thing I've learned during this process, it's to never.ever.trust.pulmonary hypertension.  Or a preemie for that matter. 

As you may have noticed, the bloggie is still in the works.  I secretly wish someone would say, "oh let me redesign it for you in all my free time," but I have a feeling that's not going to happen so please just bear with me.  My accountant is about to snap since I'm still working on 2011 (I'm up to June, yay me), so after the family and everything we contend with on a daily basis, my work comes first.  It will get done with everything else in my life....when it gets done!  I'm hoping it's not too much of a mess to read! 

Anyone want to place bets on when Alli will walk??  No real money exchange, but let's start a poll!  The winner gets??  Y'all decide!! 

Tears streaming thinking of that day! 

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