My New Deal

Thursday, June 21, 2012

We're heading towards a makeover.  It's been on my heart and in my head for some time so I'm beginning the process today, or maybe tomorrow, or next week.  Who knows really, but just excuse the mess.  It all makes sense in my head and hopefully it will to you when I'm done! 

What does the picture of my 4th iPhone have to do with it?  Nothing really, I just think it's pretty amazing that I now need my fifth one.  The things are like crack. 

So what's this new deal? 

Did you know my life doesn't revolve around prematurity?  I mean really, it doesn't.  It's a huge part, but it's not me. 

Did you know I have not one, not two, but three beautifully amazing inside and out blondes?  I know, how does an olive skin brunette who gets profiled by TSA every time she travels produce three blondes? 

You'd have to ask someone who listened a little more closely in biology when genetics was taught.  However, I do know that this brown eyed girl had the dominant gene to pull off their amazing blue eyes.  Thanks Papaw! 

Anyway, to the point.

Prematurity and Alli's life and thus development are a big part of us, but they don't make us.  I have two other girls and a crazy amazing husband that make this journey complete.  So, I'll now be blogging in one place (thank ya, Jesus) and not feeling so much like my phone......cracked.

Parenting the "A" Team will allow me to keep everything under one roof.  It will chronicle everything I have thus far; Alli's life and development, Saving Grace Project, preemie resources and such, but also the rest of the clan and our journey through this incredible gift of life.    Nothing has changed with Saving Grace, we still have our goals there, but this is our life.

We hope you join us! 

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