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Friday, May 18, 2012

Ok, so it wasn't the super cute sign and balloons galore I had planned on doing; but, it was one o'clock yesterday afternoon and I was just remembering that I had wanted to do this for Anna Claire at the end of school.  I was in a mad rush to get things done and then ran out of helium and paint.  Next year, I will remember to have a full tank of helium and my sign made in advance. 

The thing I love about kids is that they don't care.  They just want us.  She could have cared less that the sign was obviously thrown together in 10 seconds or that her balloons were clearly only blown up about about half the size they should have been.  What she was so impressed with, was that it was ALL for her.  Not Ava. Not Alli.  Just her.  One of the hardest parts about the last 18 months has been that Anna Claire and Ava have had to take a backseat at times, especially since Alli's been home.  We've been home 9 months and I think I'm finally getting to a somewhat normal position in our daily lives.  That balance is SO hard to find.  Heck, it's a huge struggle regardless whether a sibling has medical issues or not.  Add the medical issues and the change in family dynamics and its a certain whirlwind. 

Regardless, I'm so happy to be where we are. Granted Alli's sick and back on oxygen we are still in a very very good place. It's summertime and we couldn't be happier. I'm looking forward to all our plans this summer and more.  

Luckily, as John and AC left for school yesterday morning I did remember a tradition I was so happy to finally start for my own family. 

 I asked AC's teachers to write her a note in this book. I will secretly continue to ask each teacher as she journeys through school and she will finally receive this book when she graduates. 

Love, love, love this idea!!

Our Summer 2012 contract.  Out of the mouths of babes comes my favorite...#17 "Eat lots of cheese!"  I think I can handle that!  Happy Summer!   

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