Friday, May 11, 2012

This was more than a much needed and overdue vacation.  We simply had a blast and no words could possibly describe how needed it was by all of us!  I think I've found a new "love" in my life and it's called Hilton helps that we can get there in 5 hours and it just so happens that I've always been in love with Spanish Moss covered Oaks!  Makes me miss the old days in Savannah with my brother!  :) 

Enjoy my unedited crazy montage of photos...the grandparents are itching for pics and I haven't had a chance to go through the 1,223 pictures, here goes! 


I wish I could have got her actual expressions, but she was cracking up at the pool boy all morning.  Here she's intently watching him vacuum the pool. 

AC is slightly offended with Rhett and is affection towards Ava. 

Anna Claire and her starfish!

Ava found a starfish!

Jellyfish were EVERYWHERE.

Love that my baby has no fear and plops a crab right up out of the sand

Mama's kind of nap

Seriously, how many people can get g-tube fed beach side?? 

My kite flyer

Skull Kite Meets Princess Kite and both go down soon after

Chicken Wing and Ice Cream

Seriously, The Three Stooges

Has anyone seen Ava??

Red Solo Cup??

Uncle Jeffrey, is this something new in the dentistry world??     

Sandy baby feet and oxygen

We adore this girl!  Love, love, love some Carrie G!

The re-newlyweds.  Photo and Service officiated by the Reverand Anna Claire Belin


This picture sums up my middle child.....perfectly!

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  1. Those are 3 beautiful girls! Glad y'all were able to get away!


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