14 months

Sunday, March 25, 2012

I've been so sidetracked blogging with Saving Grace and working on many new connections on that front this week that I have failed to update on Alli Grace.  She just passed the 14 month mark and is, AHEM,  almost 20 lbs....YES, 20 pounds!!!  Preemie parents celebrate every single ounce, heck we celebrate GRAMS.  Pounds take it to another level!  POUNDS are HUGE and so is Alli.  Her belly is cracking me up these days!  She's babbling so much more and imitating our sounds which is music to our ears.  She is now officially crawling....backwards that is, but it's crawling!  Hold on to your oxygen tubing and monitor cords because she could care less and is on the move!

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