Friday, February 3, 2012

Maybe you've heard about Sheila, maybe you haven't.
If you haven’t, here's her story.

Meet Sheila, the mole, before she
grew too big and had to go. 

In the fall of 2010 a mole appeared out of nowhere on Anna Claire. I can vividly see her in the bathtub announcing the finding of a new mole and affectionately announcing her name, Sheila. I remember thinking A) who names a mole (only my oldest daughter), and B) where did she get Sheila?? Anyway, it was a fun time living with Sheila, yes, I'm being serious! We've had a lot of stories made up about her; we've loved her like a daughter, not a mole, all the while keeping a watchful eye on her as she grew. I'm guessing you think we're crazy, keep reading.  She began as a small black pin prick of a mole. During 2011, she began to get larger. We were a little busy so I just continued to keep an eye on Sheila until the fall of 2011 when I took Anna Claire and Sheila in on two different occasions to have their "mole well check." The last visit we were referred to a pediatric dermatologist.

Two weeks ago Sheila was taken from us. For Anna Claire it was an extremely sad day. Sheila was basically her "imaginary friend" so to speak.  I think she cried more from the loss of Sheila than the actual child fear of the removal. After the 2 second procedure we had a Mommy/AC date day. Sitting at Abuelo's Anna Claire began to pray.  She prayed her usual, "God Bless Mommy, Daddy, Sissy, Alli. Keep us safe and well. But God, please bless Sheila in the trash can." I couldn't help but laugh at my sweet girls request.  First off, it's just funny we've taken it this far, but the funniest point that's yet to be addressed it that Sheila was not in the trashcan. In fact, Sheila was on her way to Harvard!! The doctor was concerned about the fast growth, irregularities, itchiness and peeling of the mole so she sent Sheila to Harvard. I must say, the adults have had a great laugh with the mole that went to Harvard. Thank God, Anna Claire's mole was diagnosed as a spitz nevi, which is a benign juvenile melanoma. We just have to continue monitoring the site to make sure "she" doesn't come back. We still refer to her spot as Sheila, we always will.  Just this afternoon Anna Claire asked, "Mommy, will Sheila ever come back to visit?"  Let's just hope not sweet girl! 
Some great friends of ours (Fred and Bob a.k.a. Fred and Bob-doesn't everyone know who they are??) had a shirt made in memory of Sheila. Thanks guys...good, good comedy! 

"Sheila went to Harvard and all I got was this t-shirt!" 

 There's also a song about Sheila now sung to the tune of “This Little Light of Mine,” written by Miss Lillian the “Chicken Spirit Lady” from Dollywood.  We go all out around here when we say goodbye to things!! 
This Little Mole of Mine

This Little Mole of Mine
Had to say ‘Good-bye’
  She went off to Harvard
  Way up in the sky…
  But the Greatest Gift she left me
  Is the love I am inside
  ‘Cause I shine! How I shine! How I shine!

 Yes….This little mole of mine
  Left me love and light
  With my family-always by my side
  I have this light inside, though I’m only five!
  How I shine!  How I shine!  How I shine!

 Yes….This little mole of mine
  Had to say ‘Good-bye’
  To her Anna Claire…
  Off to Harvard fly~
  But we all Give thanks
  For the love she left behind!
  Sheila, Bye! Bye! Bye! Bye!
  Now…Let us shine!

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