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Sunday, December 25, 2011

It's Christmas! I mean REALLY, where has this year gone!?? Really!??!! Last year was such a blur, such a "sad" time. We tried to keep upbeat and positive for our girls sake, but the truth is, we were utterly totally scared, in a funk, and simply just sad. I remember this day last year so well. I RARELY felt Alli move, so I listened for her heartbeat extra last Christmas day. I needed to know if she was still there....and she was, although at times extremely hard to locate on the monitor. Just days before we had basically been given Alli's death sentence and just two days after Christmas I would begin searching for a "Resting Gown" for our daughter. What a dark time in our lives during what was  supposed to be the brightest!  

I don't ever want to forget last Christmas, when "life" seemed so hopeless for Alli. It was during those days during Christmas that I was beginning to learn the very hard lesson in surrendering. I'm so in awe and thankful for that lesson and I LOVE the fact that it was at Christmas......a time where my Jesus gave up his seat in heaven to become a man, to be born to die, to surrender....for me, for us. Let me just say, that's a tough prayer to be broken and to surrender. I learned to surrender and what a sweet broken surrender it has been. Happy Birthday sweet Jesus and Merry Christmas to all! What a difference in a does change in an instant, time flashes in a blink of the eye, and a baby really does change everything (Thanks Faith Hill, I’ll now be singing that all day!!)

 When God Wants Something Done
"When God wants something great done in the world,
He doesn't dispatch a legion of avenging angels,
Neither does He call forth a whirlwind nor ignite volcanic fireworks;
No commanding of troops into battle nor discharging zealous crusaders to holy causes;
He does not orchestrate the burst and boom of thunder nor display His fiery arrows' majesty across the sky to bring His purpose to pass.

When God wants something done in this world...
He sends a baby - then He waits."

- Anita Robinson

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