Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve Eve

Our newest addition:  Belle (as in Princess Belle...naturally)

We decided to give Belle as a Christmas Eve Eve gift.  John went to pick her up while I prepared the scene for the unveiling.  When John got home, we quickly switched spots so  I could give Belle a bath and he could kept the girls occupied.  Anna Claire kept telling John, "Daddy, you're acting weird!!!"  Finally, we were ready!!  John brought the girls downstairs to find me sitting at the bottom with Belle!  My intentions were to put her in a big box (with breathing holes of course), but Belle was not having it!  She's a "Mama's Girl" already!!! 

Anna Claire could not believe it...she yelled, "this is the best Christmas ever!"  And then "Is she really ours, can we keep her!??"  The verdict is still out with Ava, naturally, since she's a hard sell on anything!!  We are officially "done" and looking forward to life with our 4 girls (couldn't shake it up and throw a boy in the mix!!) 

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