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Thursday, November 17, 2011

As you've read and heard me nonstop today, today we marked the first ever World Prematurity Day. Tonight the Empire State Building is lit up in purple and white lights in honor of this amazing day! Social media went nuts in spreading the word and we joined them! Alli was ALL over the place...her face, her story! It continues to amaze me how much we DON'T hear about prematurity, especially with the statistics in this country being the highest among developed countries. I again admit, I was one of the guilty ones BEFORE it changed me, rocked me to the core, and left an absolute beautiful mess in my life! Prematurity IS a national health crisis! On one of the many hundreds of times I begged God to spare our Alli Grace's life, I pleaded wholeheartedly that I would FOREVER follow Him. Alli’s life is an instrument to prove God’s love and faithfulness…if that means through helping spread awareness on prematurity, loving on parents spending days in the NICU, or launching a blanket drive for NICU babies, then that’s what it means!
John and I have thought about waiting until Alli was “healthier” (whatever that means) and older, but the truth is, we can't wait! Babies are born every day too early and too sick…13% in the state of Tennessee. Many of those have a reason for being born early, albeit still not deserved; however, many like me had NO known reason for things going off track.  Yes a bad diet, no exercise, smoking, drinking, and drugs are all high risk factors for early births and obviously EDUCATION plays a huge roll in that area.  BUT, what about those of us with the “no known reasons” for what went wrong, or those with preeclampsia, or those that developed even HELLP Syndrome!?  The truth is, regardless of the reasons, advances in research, more funding, and awareness of this national health crisis need to be made today; action needs to be taken today!

The Belin Family wearing our purple in support of our Alli Grace and World Prematurity Day!

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