10 months of love, change, and miracles!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Baby girl,
When ignorance really was bliss it made me scared to death to think of having a "special needs" child. I didn't think I was one of the "ones" that could handle it, that that journey was not something that could happen to me or to "us." It was really only assigned to someone better equipped to handle that journey. I pitied those parents, prayed for those parents...all the while never knowing it would soon happen to me, because before you, I "thought" it couldn't happen to me.

Our life was perfect....we'd fly away at the drop of a hat somewhere for the weekend or an extended vacation in the Caribbean...I mean how many kiddos really have their passports at 4 weeks old (your poor big sisters who we drug across the globe that's who)!!??! I thought the worst thing that could happen to me was our business could have a bad day, or two, or even three. I never imagined that my perfect little family could ever be anything but....perfect.

But you know what!?? It really wasn't perfect....not until YOU!! You my sweet girl changed all that. You complete our family!! You've made us better parents, a better husband and wife, better people in general. This journey has broken us, made us more compassionate, and more humble. There was simply no way to arise unscathed. But your smile is electric and your giggles are nothing short of amazing~they don't even leave a hint of pain from anything you've been through, and for that I'm forever grateful! I would take all the pain, surgeries, therapies, medications, and struggles away if I could, but Alli, that would mean changing who you are and who you will become and I can't do that despite if that's seen by the world as imperfect. You are our third beautiful and perfect daughter! Prematurity is something that happened to you, it will not define who you are, but it does and will define our paths in this life. And after all you've been through, it should!

Last Christmas was such a blur and simply just so sad with the expectation of losing you, but yet you're here! This Thanksgiving and Christmas take on a whole new meaning! Baby girl, you have beaten all the odds against you before and I'll continue to stand amazed at all you do in the future to beat the ones still stacked against you!  Happy 10 months sweet girl!!
I love you to the Heavens and back! Mama

A look back....

January 19, 2011
14.8 ounces

One Month~February 19, 2011
1 lb 9 ounces

Two Months~March 19, 2011
2 lbs 8 ounces

3 months~April 19, 2011
4 lbs 10.6 ounces

4 months~May 19, 2011
5 lbs 12.1 ounces

5 months~June 19, 2011
6 lbs 9 ounces

6 months~July 19, 2011
8 lbs 7.8 ounces

7 months~August 19, 2011
10 lbs 4 ounces

8 months~September 19, 2011
11 lbs 12 ounces

9 months~October 19, 2011
12 lbs 6 ounces

10 months~November 19, 2011
13 lbs 5 ounces

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  1. Beautiful, Jackie! Your words and your precious Allie! Hope y'all have the best holidays ever!


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