What a Difference a Year Makes...

Sunday, August 7, 2011

I know the following is so romantic, but seriously when you get to the third child and then throw in the fact that I am HORRIBLE at keeping exciting news a secret (I'm good with serious and personal...don't worry), then this in fact is very romantic!!  
The other day, I was trying to add up when we found out we were pregnant with Alli.  Since John NEVER erases a text from me, (awwwww) I knew he would have this!
I had just gotten back from grocery shopping and I just didn't feel right.  With Anna Claire getting pregnant was easy...with Ava it took a year.  So, when we decided to try for Alli, imagine my surprise when I took this test, 5 days early, and it was positive...after 1 month!  Since I had a million ideas on how to tell John, all of which would have been amazing, memorable, and sweet, I decided on the alternative and just texted him this picture....with no comment!  With all that said, when I looked on his phone the other day to see when it was dated, imagine again my surprise to find out it was on August 5....the EXACT day we would finally bring Alli home!!  Thank you God for your sense of humour and reminder that again Alli is meant to be here!! 

What a difference a year makes!!  I remember that blessed day so vividly and who would have thought, that within a few short months after that exciting day our world would be rocked over and over again.  Who would have thought that exactly one year to the date, we would finally bring that miracle home?  Would I change a thing!??  Absolutely not!  It was not meant to be easy.  We're not guaranteed easy, but we are guaranteed mercy and grace and that is more than sufficient.  I've heard over and over again from well meaning people that, "God only gives you what you can handle."  I don't believe that for a second!  There's no way we could have handled this without Him.  There's no way we would have learned the power of prayer through ours and others intercessory prayer.  There's no way we would have understood the full extent of a miracle. There's no way we would have recognized our own ability, which was given through Him, to declare life in our baby over and over again!  It was not easy, but I'm so thankful for it, every part of it, good and bad. 

Here is our families special day, a year after, we found out this miracle
was joining our family!

First night rooming-in with Alli at the hospital.  This is hands down my FAVORITE thing to do with all my baby girls...Lying on the bed with them on my chest...first time with Alli!

My nurse Jamie getting ready to pack me up in my car seat
My nurse Jessica came in on her day off to see me off.  Several others came by, but sadly she was asleep so we couldn't get a last goodbye shot with them!!  :(
Packed and ready to go...HOME!!

HOME sweet HOME!!!!

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