A Week at HOME...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I CAN NOT believe that A) you are finally HOME, and B) that you have been HOME a week!!  What an amazing feeling it is to go to sleep at night knowing that you are under the same roof as we are and waking up with that same feeling!!   I think you have finally realized that you are staying HOME with us!!  You are settling in to all the craziness of your big sisters and adjusting to their noise, since obviously they are not going to adjust their noise for you! ;) 

You still LOVE your swing, but are enjoying laying on the floor on your play mat and getting some much needed exercise and exploration time!!  This week you started "Baby Boot Camp," which includes PT, OT, and Speech.  Luckily, since we are home bound, with the exception of your doctors appointments, all these services come to us from Children's!   They had some very positive things to say about your development and where you currently are.  However, we have got our work cut out for us to get you caught up to where you need to be! 

Our homework for this week includes:
1) Tummy time!  I've feared putting you on your belly since your g-tube surgery, but they cleared us on this so we have to do it sister!!  In the hospital I would put you on your belly often and you had even started picking your head up.  You'll get there again!
2)Work on tracking-mainly bringing your eyes down.  You track well to your right and are so-so on the left and going up, but you simply don't track well bringing your eyes down!! 
3) Strength and endurance-this just includes building up playtime in increments in order not to wear you out!
4) Continue working on reach and grasp-you are LOVING this!! 

The main objective of all the therapies is to get you where the "normal" baby is for that  age.  As of now, you are being scored as a 3 month almost 4 month old.  Luckily, with preemies, an actual age and adjusted age are taken into account for development-physically and developmentally.  Physically, you are in the >3%, so you are still extremely small, even for your adjusted age.  Developmentally, you are still a little behind as far as a 3 month old is concerned, but you DID have a longer than normal hospital stay for a preemie.  Since you were so premature and so small at birth you have until the age of 2 to catch up!!  I have NO doubts that you'll make it!  You have exceeded everyone's expectations thus far and will only continue to do so!  If there is one thing I've learned during this process, it's to NEVER count you out!! 

Last week, before your discharge, there were a set of twins born at 26 weeks, weighing more than you did, but still under 2 pounds.  The first twin passed away 5 days ago and then the other passed away yesterday morning.  I'm reminded (like I needed a reminder) what a MIRACLE of GOD you are!!  I've heard stories throughout your NICU stay from babies born there and other places that were older than you, younger than you, but all bigger than you who got there angel wings early.  I think about those early days and even your episode 4 weeks ago where you hung on to the edge of the cliff of life by a single shredding thread.  I think about how things could have gone so wrong on so many different levels, and they did some, but you came back from the brink every single time!  You are a miracle baby girl!  I'll hold you a little tighter today, in honor of those parents, who will never get to hold their babies on this earth.   

We are so proud you are home where you belong and can't wait to see what you do in this life!!  We love you to the Heaven's and back!!      
Love, Mama

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