Ava's 2!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ava turned 2 on July 6th, but we celebrated early during the last weekend in June!  We weren't sure when Alli Cat would be joining us and thought this would be the safest bet....plus her birthday is around the 4th of July so it's just easier!!  My sweet friend, Lynn Stanger, took pictures.  Even though she was days away from delivering precious Charlie Marshall (who I finally got to love on today...yay me!!), she still got in there and worked that camera!!  Lynn, you're a trooper and as always did an amazing job!! 

Without further adieu, here are the pictures from Ava's 2nd birthday!!  Her FAVORITE movie is "Princess and the Frog," so the party theme was an easy choice!!  Teaching her how to say "Da Pincess and da Frog" was the difficult part!!  It took us the longest time trying to discern what she was saying....It sounded like that four letter word, A.K.A. the F bomb, and we were certain she didn't learn it from us! We finally realized she was saying "frog" rather than the other and we kicked it into high gear to teach her the "real name" of the movie!!  I'm proud to say, she can say it wonderfully now!!  
This was probably my favorite party that I've done for my girlies!!  Enjoy!! 

We love you Ava E!! 

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  1. You are AMAZING! Don't know how you keep it all together! ME loves the Princess and the Frog too, and we had the same problem when she started saying frog. She would march around and say it over and over. I could NOT figure out what she was saying or where she would have heard that awful word. Finally figured out it was frog, and we quickly got her to say froggie instead, which sounds much better. ;)


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