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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Let me just say that EVERYDAY since last December when we were told that Alli would not make it during the pregnancy has been a MIRACLE....EVERYDAY!!  We've been to hell and back with this little girl more times than I can even remember or want to.  She's hung off the edge of the cliff with her pinky finger more times than I can remember and all the while John and I sit back and here that sweet reminder, "Be still and know that I am God."  I have always believed from day 1 and continue to believe on day 183....I've never walked in "hope" that Alli would make it....I've walked in faith!

After Thursday night and Fridays actions, Alli had a relatively stable Friday night and Saturday.  John and I left around 7:00 Saturday night to go be with the big girls.  We called before going to bed around midnight and all was the same.  Around 1:45 or 2:00 we get the call from her night nurse, Katy, that Alli had had several events with one of them requiring chest compressions, but now she was "fine" and on 40%.  After that I couldn't sleep.  I went back and forth about going in, but I figured that wouldn't be safe since I had slept maybe 3 hours since Wednesday.  I called every hour to check on her until around 4:30 and after that I felt like it was "safe" to go back to sleep.  At 6:45 the phone rings again and Alli had had no events, but was now on 100% oxygen.  I got up and prepared to head that way.  For the record, I don't question God, but I did throw out an "AGAIN!??" on the way to Knoxville, partly because I'm so physically and emotionally exhausted and partly because I think how much more can we all take.....I don't mean that in the sense that I'm quiting by any means. 

When I left I told John to wait and send out his text until 8:00 and that I would find someone to come watch the girls.  My sweet friend Nichole came with her boys and played with AC and Ava all day allowing John to come be with me.  Around 9:00 Alli started coming down on her O2 to around 90%.  Dr. B came in and made his treatment plan for the day and ran everything by Alli's nurse Denise and myself.  He had just made the plans, but nothing had been started yet.   Alli's O2 requirements kept coming down and were nearly cut in half, but nothing had been done yet.  I always joke and like to take credit that she knows her mama is there, but little did I know there was a bigger move going on at our home church!  Laura, a great family friend of ours and our pastors sister called after the first service and was crying and praying with me over the phone.  She told me how the entire congregation in the first service stood up and dedicated themselves to fast and pray for Alli one day this upcoming week. She told how our pastor had planned to continue the miracle call and prayer in the 10:00 and 11:30 services.  I was flat out bent over on the phone belly sobbing and John and Denise, who had no idea who I was talking to or what the person was even saying, were crying as well.  I LOVE my church family, I LOVE our pastor, I LOVE people that walk it and who are real!!  Again, Alli's treatment for the day had not started so I base everything that was happening during the first service on a pure move of people calling on our God for a miracle for our precious baby!! 

By around 2:00 that afternoon Alli was doing pretty fabulous considering where we had been the past few days!!  She was starting to wake up and get irritated that she was on the ventilator, but never acted like she was in any pain and maintained pretty good vitals and O2 requirements.  Dr. A decided he thought we should take her off the vent, but he wanted to get the morphine out of her system since it does affect breathing.  At around 7:00 they extubated Alli!  I actually chickened out on being in there because after seeing them call a code on my baby the other night, I think I've seen enough....every bell and whistle that goes off hurts me to my bones! 

By Monday night Alli was on 30% O2, we breathe around 21%.  Her liter flow is still high, but I'm not complaining considering where we've been these past few days!!  I continue to be amazed at this little girl and amazed by so many people, many who have no idea who we even are, that have prayed for our baby!    I'm so proud and humbled by those who act and are not afraid to fall on their faces for another!!  And I'm so proud to watch my God move, again, for my baby!! 

This is the link to our pastors blog.  The last two entries are dealing with Alli and miracles.  Be blessed reading those!!

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  1. Jackie, you continue to be on my mind and in my prayers. I'm so thankful I can stay updated with Alli through your blog. Your faith and attitude are amazing! Love you! May God continue to keep you and your family going and bring sweet Alli home!


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