Parenting in the NICU

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Here's a great article written by Graham's Foundation about parenting in the NICU.  I have, as have most NICU parents, been on the receiving end of questions of what I actually do there, why I am there so much, or why I didn't go a particular day.  For the record, if I didn't have two baby girls at home I would be there 24/7!  "What are you doing today?  Do you just sit there all day?  Can you hold her?  Can you feed her? What about all the monitors?"  There are just too many questions that we have been asked to count and remember. 

God perfectly aligned what we refer to as "Alli's Dream Team" which includes a nursing team that has allowed us to be as involved as we want, can, and desire to be with her cares....from Day 1!!  Whether it was just allowing us to read a book, touch her hand, take her temperature, change a diaper, to the full scale of her care now it's all relevant and has mattered to Alli and us!!  She knows us...despite the fact that she has lived the past 190 days in the hospital she knows us!!  Many people have asked about the is there and it is crazy strong and I can't wait to make it stronger when she gets home!!  Special thanks to all Alli's nurses for allowing us to be such a big part from the beginning to insure we developed that bond. 
John and I are blessed with a marriage that has been built on a strong foundation.  Our amazing family, friends, and church family have been so supportive through this journey. We're lucky to have great insurance and a great staff that have kept the motors running with our business these past almost 7 months which has allowed John to be a constant in our big girls lives and also be there with Alli.  We've also been so blessed with our NICU family that have cared for us and our baby!  I CAN NOT imagine surviving this journey without all these components!! 

Link to Graham's Foundation:
Graham's Foundations mission is to offer both practical and emotional support to parents of micro-preemie babies. The foundation supports the parents by sending care packages to them during their journey in the NICU and the foundation’s website provides a place for parents to share their stories and find support.

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