Friday, July 29, 2011

I'm telling you God never ceases to amaze me!!  Alli had her MRI last night and she was a perfect angel!!  I've had an MRI on my brain before and it was not comfortable what so ever!!  She slept through it and came through it with flying colors....albeit with a little help from her BFF versed!! 

The MRI is something that has been in the back of my mind and secretly haunting me!  We've obviously been through so much with her I was expecting the worst, but also prepared to be amazed whatever the outcome was because with Alli, I've learned to expect the unexpected!!  This morning when I woke up I grabbed my phone to send Alli's night nurse a text.  She had already beat me to the punch.....

Here are some of the sweetest words I've ever heard sent via text from Carrie:
"MRI is "unremarkable!" I looked to see if it had been read before I left and it was "normal!"  God is SO good!! They said her left ventricle is slightly larger than her right....which is how it always has been.  Doesn't mean a thing!  It read "normal" and "unremarkable!"  God totally was holding her precious self in a protective way when she was hypoxic!!"

This is hands down ANOTHER miracle for Alli!!  To get everyone on the same page when Carrie said "hypoxic" it basically means when Alli was deprived of oxygen....which in her case, was quite a bit in the beginning and then when she had "events" such as those that happened 2 weeks ago where she had to be resuscitated!  Hands down another miracle!!  Yes Carrie, God is SO good!! 

So what does this mean!??  It rules out several things developmentally.  I'm cautious to say that it does rule out Cerebral Palsy because I have read where some babies had normal MRI's and still had a CP diagnosis, but generally speaking it does rule out CP.  What it does not mean is that this is going to be easy!!  Alli is 6 months, 3 months adjusted, but obviously "younger" than 3 months adjusted!  We have a very loooooooooong road ahead of us filled with physical, occupational, and speech therapies.  What it does give us is a confirmation of faith and hope.  It confirms to me that this little girl, who has beaten so many odds, will only continue to do so!  She's meant to be here! 

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