8 lb Club!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Alli has had a great stretch of steady weight gain....FINALLY....and hit the 8 lb club last night!!!  Woot Woot!!!  As you can see from the picture taken on the 4th, she has some rolls, folds, and chunky monkey cheeks going on!!  She's precious and I could just eat her!!  She's pretty feisty, but generally calms down when her mama has her!!  8 lbs baby!!!  That's a LONG way from 14.8 ounces 6 months ago!!  He a good God!!

She has a crazy week of tests and changes so pray that she handles everything!!  She doesn't do well with too much change and having several things going on....it stresses her out and she has a history of going backwards when several things are done!!  I was able to talk Dr. L. into omitting two things from this weeks agenda.  She has to have an MRI on her brain and a VCUG, or a voiding cystourethrogram, which is a minimally invasive test that uses a special x-ray to visualize her urinary tract and bladder.  These are both considered "field trips" and not anything that is necessary at this point, but just two things that HAVE to be done before discharge!!  Can I just say I LOVE that word!!??  I can see a "faint" light at the end of the tunnel when doctors and nurses  bring up the word "discharge" or I see it written in Alli's chart!!   Gives me goosebumps....and again, I say He a good God!! 

Last, but not least, Dr. B. heard back from the chief of anesthesiology HERE and we DO NOT have to go to Vandy!!!  They can do the g-tube here and have several options on the table that could be done and tried in the O.R. before she would have to be intubated.   This is HUGE!!  Although we've told them we would transfer anywhere that would do the surgery without having to put her back on the vent we certainly don't want to!  First and foremost, Alli knows her primary nurses and doctors and most importantly they know her...because they have been with her since birth they know if her color is bad or if she feels bad...basically just like John and I as her parents would.  So, it's HUGE that she would be able to stay here and be cared for by the same people that have cared for her and know her!!  Although it's unchartered water at UT to do this on a baby who has been as small and sick as Alli, they have done similar procedures on larger babies and older toddlers and kiddos and feel confident it should be just the same!!  In the meantime, we're marching full throttle towards discharge!!

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