4th of July

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our little firecracker!!  She looks like she's actually just seen her first fireworks!!  =)

Precious, precious baby

Mama visiting Alli on the 4th!!
I have such fond memories of celebrating the 4th of July!!  My brother's birthday is on the 4th so besides the obvious it was always a pretty big deal around the Hensley home.  My parents and grandparents had fireworks stands in Walnut Ridge so I think that's why I'm a pyro at heart!!  Let me just say I so enjoyed this years impromptu festivities!!  It kind of reminded me of the ones growing up, minus the mosquitoes of course and thank God!!  Here's some pictures of our fun!!    

Rump shaker!
My precious big girls awaiting our company!! 

The Shady Brady....need I say more!!


Sweet Alexa
Addie Kate



My future pyro!!

We had such a great 4th!  

Happy 4th of July!!! 

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