"Making Time"

Saturday, June 18, 2011

YAY!!! It's done, well almost! I'm still working some kinks out and trying to get my navigation bar to work, but for the most part....it's done and I'm ready to blog! Oh how I wish I would have started this earlier...like, oh, say 5 years ago!?? I had friends who told me to start while I was pregnant with Anna Claire, BUT "I didn't have time!!" Ha, I find those words so funny considering I now have 3 girls with one still in the hospital 5 months after her birth. I also have to snicker a little when I hear others say that they too "don't have time!" No judging here, just snickers! Trust me I've been there. I am still there on many days, but through this process I'm learning, key word LEARNING, how to MAKE TIME!! I'm learning how to be a wife to my amazing husband who I feel like I rarely see and I'm learning to be a mother in two different places attempting to give all of them the best of me! In the meantime, I'm still trying to run the office for our businesses, go to ballet, cheerleading, church, other children's birthday parties, etc...All in an effort to make time and to make life as normal as I can for my little family! I also want to "Make Time" to blog because I want to document our daily lives for my girls (besides the 50 million photos I take of them). PLUS, I want to document this whole NICU process and the miracle that our sweet Alli is in an attempt to inspire others and other parents who may be going through a similar experience.

Tomorrow will be 5 months, yes that's right 5 months, since our lives were forever changed! I am so GLAD that we are past those first few days, weeks, and months, but my gladness is also plagued with frustrations of waiting for this process to "end." We're ready to be home, we're ready to find our new "normal." So, in short (ha, you'll find with me it's never that easy) WELCOME to our crazy little world!! I've got some amazing stories to tell about the past 5 months. My big girls are also a hoot, so be forewarned it's good comedy around here!! We hope you enjoy walking with us!! Much love!


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  1. You're adorable, Jackie. So proud of you and LOVE that you are doing this blog. xoxo <3


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