Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

Monday, June 20, 2011

(Please excuse her tape job! If you know Alli, you know she's crazy feisty and you can never get her tape to stay good!!)

When I think about where we were 5 months ago, I'm amazed!! When I look at this happy baby today, I'm speechless at what God has done in her life and ours!! All I can say, or sing really, is "Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!" Today, when I got to the hospital, Alli was asleep. I decided to just let her be since she was resting so well! When she woke up I fed her and then after I thought she might need a little "Bumbo Seat" time while I cleaned the bottle. Let me just say this was one HAPPY baby!! For 45 minutes she was smiling, trying to coo, laughing, just SO HAPPY!! She captured an audience of nurses and staff walking by her room en route to other places, but couldn't help but stop by her room to talk to her and witness where we were today!! After all, they too have walked this out with us on a daily basis!! When I think about those laughs, smiles, and coos we've fought so hard to get....I'm just in awe!! Alli has laughed and smiled, but today brought it to a whole new level!! What an A-mazing day with my sweet Alli G!!

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