7 lb Club!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Welcome to the 7 lb Club Alli Grace!!! As your nurse and Auntie Carrie told me this morning, "She's 7 times herself...She's eaten 7 baby Alli's!!" We celebrate EVERY ounce, but most especially we celebrate EVERY pound like it's a birthday!!
We are SO proud of you baby girl
and love you to the heavens and back!!
Keep fighting!!
Alli is getting stronger everyday!! She's working on holding her head up and is doing a great job! She LOVES her Bumbo seat and being upright so that she can see the world! I'm pretty sure she's tired and bored with her room, as are we! She's also working on her tummy time and is able to raise her head and turn it side to side! She's smiling more and more and is really loving all the attention she is getting by doing so!! In my opinion, she's a genius!!


  1. Great to hear! Thanks for sharing this special blessing with us!! You are truly an inspiration to me! Keep the faith!!!


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